Our motto at Journey is simple – find good food, eat good food, and by good we mean quality ingredients, natural, nourishing and organic where possible. Occasionally we like to throw in some indulgence too but hey, we all need a treat sometime! This applies to our beers too that are made according to the German Brewing Purity law, which again simply put means no nasties and hundreds of years of experience with different barley, yeasts and brewing techniques to create a range of unique tasting beers. And we can vouch for the pride, care and heart that goes in to all of our long established brands, some going back centuries.

Although our range hails mostly from German shores at the moment, watch this space! That’s the beauty of a Journey, we’re all on one all of the time and who knows where it will take us.

Our values –

  • Products with the highest quality, natural ingredients
  • Paper or glass packaging where possible
  • Source from suppliers and manufacturers with environmental and sustainable practices

When you order from Journey you won’t get a pile of plastic bubble wrap in the box, but you might see some interesting reused packaging.

To keep up with more of our story follow the facebook link through to our page. We’d love to hear from you with questions about the products and your own stories about your family’s favourite food and cuisine that you’ve loved on your travels.

Thanks for shopping with us, David & Leah